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For Teresa 05:14
FOR TERESA Mother’s little helper Help me find the strength I lack Steel my nerves and stop my shakin I ain’t never comin back Once I thought his love would save me, Save us from my family trap But it turns out he’s no different Feel my life fadin to black Feel my life fadin to black Sent the kids down the road to momma’s house He told me, so I did I learned how to shoot in the woods at night And how to keep my bruises hid Now I’ve lived on this ridge for 33 years, since the day that I was born I always dreamed of crossing that county line Cross the river and be gone Cross the river and be gone I hear his truck pull up in the driveway He’s come home early to test my hand Dirty dishes still in the kitchen My legs to weak from fear to stand But when the front door slams I run for the back And I grab just what I can Close my eyes and pray to a long lost God That he’ll take me as I am That he’ll take me as I am Momma sing to me, Go to sleep a little baby when you wake, you’ll have cake And all the pretty little horses Oh, hear me now I find I’m walkin down this backroad, barefoot and wet, blinded and cold from all the rain Feelin heavy in my right hand The weight is causin me to strain So I drop something in the long tall grass growin by the Church of All-Saints See a flash of gleamin metal and scarlet-coloured stain And a scarlet-coloured stain Let me rise above these hills, Flyin high and free from all the pain Mother’s little helper, help me now Mother, won’t you help me now.
Succumb 04:10
SUCCUMB It’s not the love that I wanted It wasn’t even the touch But just a glimpse of what has parted A restless urge, I felt it’s clutch A grip so tight yet loosens quickly At thoughts of what might come to pass If I succumb if I succumb if I succumb at last My mind retreats to days of plenty Time and space to watch life pass My youthful soul had not yet emptied Of hope and faith and dreams that clash With expectations life imposes On weary travellers of time When they succumb They succumb When they succumb to that straight line It’s gravitational That I can feel it’s pull I will watch me fallin while callin out for you But I’m not like Alice though, I don’t see the ground below But I know my landing won’t leave me standin tall Or at all But in quiet times I see things clearly Without regrets, without remorse Reminded how we fell so deeply The night we set upon this course We stood outside, eyes low but glowing Our hands were warm as they entwined And we succumbed We succumbed We succumbed to the sublime – Oh, we succumbed We succumbed.


Angel Ridge was the road I lived on just outside of Athens, Ohio during a time when many of life’s harsh and beautiful realities were laid bear to me. When living in rural Appalachia, I was a state public defender and worked on a battered woman homicide case. This experience resulted years later in the song, “For Teresa,” and my first recording, a 4-song EP released in 2009, “Angel Ridge.” The EP has two originals, “For Teresa” and “Succumb,” and also includes two favourite covers done with the Shiners – Gillian Welch’s “Tear My Stillhouse Down” and the Little Feat tune “Fool Yourself,” the latter version earning praise from Fred Tackett himself. The project was produced by Simon Law, recorded by Aaron Key at Zoo Music, and masteredby Stephen Stepanic at Joao Carvalho’s Mastering Studio. It also included collaborations with a group of talented and experienced musicians (and good friends), including Blair Packham, Mia Sheard and Astrid Foster, all featured on the EP.


released February 6, 2009


all rights reserved



Jen Schaffer and The Shiners Toronto, Ontario

Jen Schaffer is a Montreal-born, former Ohio and now Toronto resident singer-songwriter. Jen has honed her own brand of original soulful acoustic roots music with the help of her dedicated band and collaborators, The Shiners - Simon Law (a.k.a. The Funky Ginger), Astrid Foster, John T, and Jonathan Marks. ... more

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